Expert Amarillo Texas Termite Inspection Services

Termites are highly destructive, but with the right measures taken, you can reduce the chances of a home termite infestation. Hiring expert Amarillo Texas termite inspection services will help keep the termites at bay.

Most home owners schedule a termite inspection once a year, or once they suspect they have termite infestations. New home buyers schedule inspections before buying a house to determine the extent of damage to the house, if any.


Preparation for a termite inspection

After booking for the inspection, prepare your home for the inspection to go smoothly. Rearrange and move clutter stored under sinks, against walls and items blocking entrances.

What to expect during a termite inspection

Some technicians take an hour or so for the inspection, which may not be enough depending on the house and yard size. Our company takes 3-4hours to carry out the inspection and generate a report a few days later.
So, what do you expect from our technicians for the inspection?

Inspect the yard for termites

The fence, garden, garage and sheds. The technician will be checking the risk factors from the exterior of the house. They will be on the lookout for termites’ nests, signs of termites in the garden in tree stumps or items that attract the termites. They will also look for any risk factors that may arise beyond the fence.

Inspection of the perimeter of the house for termites

Once done with the yard, they will inspect the perimeter of the wall, the slab, footing and any other floors for signs of termites. In sub-floor, leaks, loose timber and mud on posts are all risk factors for the termites.

Interior of the house termite inspection

After completing the perimeter inspection, the technician inspects the interior of the house. They will do this by tapping on the walls to check for hollow timber, scaring termites for the technician to listen to their rustling.

Check for water leaks

The technician will use a moisture meter to check for areas with high moisture content. Moist areas pose as high-risk areas for termites. Termites enjoy areas that are warm and humid.

Thermal imaging camera for termite signs

The technician will use the camera to check for termite activity and risk areas. The camera should in no way replace the use of qualified personnel.

Roof void termite check

The technician will look out for termite activity in the roof void and signs for leaks from rotten wood.

We have computerized reports that are printed on site and emailed before leaving the property in most cases. The report will have comprehensive findings from the inspection as well recommendations. Depending on the existing conditions, the report may be remedial or preventative. The termite inspection report will point out risk areas such as water leaks and tree stumps with recommendations to remove stumps and fix any leaks.

If there is a termite infestation, there will be a treatment plan custom made to meet your needs.
If you have not had a termite inspection the last few years, book an inspection with us and prevent termite damage.

For termite inspection services in Amarillo, Texas, book an inspection with our qualified technicians. We offer Termite inspection in all of Amarillo contact us and discover why we have the best Amarillo Termite inspection services.