Well & septic inspections

Owning a home is truly a dream. This usually requires a large investment of your time, money, and energy. Just like home inspections, a well and septic inspection is critical and even required for real estate transactions in certain counties. To ensure you receive an accurate inspection, it’s important to only use trusted inspection companies.

Private Well and Septic Inspections that are conducted by experienced and licensed professionals are there to protect both the buyers and the sellers by offering a detailed and accurate evaluation of the condition of these vital systems. At Caprock Inspection Services, we proudly believe in serving our community with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

Private Well and Septic System Inspections

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than one in five U.S. households relies on septic systems and more than 15 million rely on private wells for drinking water. A malfunctioning well or septic system not only poses a health risk to your family, but can also be expensive to repair or replace.

Sometimes, finding out a home has a well and septic system can make prospective buyers nervous because they’re expensive if problems arise. However, you can protect yourself today by ensuring that you have a professional inspection conducted by someone with the knowledge to detect any issues and repair them correctly before you enter any agreements.

What are Septic Systems and Wells?

Home buyers deciding between a rural home setting and city living oftentimes have to consider where their water utilities will originate from. In the simplest terms to define it, septic systems are for waste and wells are for water source. It is really that simple, and yet exceedingly important when you are considering buying a home.

Why It’s Important to Inspect Septic Systems and Wells?

It’s no secret that problems with wells and septic systems can result in inconvenience, danger, and expenses. You must know the actual state of them before purchase. One would not want to be stuck with a beautiful property but a failing septic and well. With prior knowledge, you can reduce or avoid these common problems.

Older homes or buildings need to be double-checked, tested, and inspected more because of natural wear and tear. This is where the qualified and trusted team at Caprock Inspection Services can help.

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When it’s time for Private Well and Septic Inspection, due your due diligence before hiring any standard inspector you find. At Caprock Inspection Services, we have a proven track record.